Under 30 minutes to Ottawa, Almonte is an Area Home Buyers Should Consider

Most of us have heard the Mark Twain quote  “Buy land, they’ve stopped making it”,  there’s no doubt that investing in real estate is a great way to build equity.   As prices in the urban centres creep up, more Ottawa buyers are purchasing condos as a way to get into real estate investment.  We saw a condo boom in 2017 and the trend is continuing into 2018.  While this is a great option, if the condo lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you, you might consider bucking the trend of urbanisation, and choose to put down rural roots.  Not convinced?  If you love the thought of being able to enjoy amazing restaurants, culture and grab a great latte, buying a home in Almonte is something you might want to consider.

Found along the banks of Canada’s Mississippi River, in the Ottawa Valley, the quaint town of Almonte, Ontario has continued to thrive for decades. Known for attracting millers and other industrialists alike in the early 19th century with its famous waterfalls and powerful rapids as well as being home to the creator of basketball, Dr. James Naismith, Almonte is a true part of our Canadian heritage.

So, what is Almonte like today?

A scenic mill town. An escape from the busy city. And most importantly, a place to call home. Many sections of the town remain unchanged, which allows its history to live on. In fact, you’ll find a variety of homes along the streets of Almonte.  There are new builds, Victorian and heritage homes as well as the usual mix of properties built over the last few decades, some renovated, some perfect for those looking for a renovation project.  Though the majority of homes are single family homes, Almonte is building its way into the hearts of those who are in the market for condos that are far from “cookie cutter”… including a growing “boutique” condo market.  That said, there certainly isn’t a shortage of choice in Almonte real estate – there’s something for everyone (at every price point too)!

Who Lives in Almonte?

Considered to be one of the most cultured towns in the Ottawa Valley, Almonte is certainly a sort of “arts hub”, appealing to millennials, families and retirees alike. If you’re one for the arts, pick up a copy of the The Humm; an arts and entertainment guide for the Valley that features monthly artists, local food, music festivals and what’s playing at the community theatre (to name a few).

Almonte is arguably one of the best towns to retire in. In part, because the cost of living is relatively low in comparison to Ottawa, downsizing is quite common and easy to accomplish. Further to this, Almonte has a ton of great food, beautiful parklands and is also “grandchildren-friendly”.

But you don’t need to be retired to enjoy the Almonte life!  The strong local arts and crafts community makes it a desirable choice for millennials, singles and families who are looking to create a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Unlike Carleton Place, which is a quick drive from Almonte about 13kms away, you won’t find big box stores here.  This adds to its historical charm and may be part of the reason why Almonte is home to many successful local businesses.

Here are a few reasons we love the Almonte life:

  • It’s family-friendly.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s growing. Almonte offers great opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • It’s a vibrant community with no shortage of entertainment and activities for the whole family to enjoy!  There’s always something going on, enjoy festivals, fairs, art shows, theatre and more.
  • It’s beautiful! Enjoy the river views, parks, safety, schools and, of course, its wealth of authentic heritage for young families and youth to learn from and carry on for generations to come.

What to do in Almonte?

With the demographic of Almonte being so vast, the mill town has its many amenities, offering first-class restaurants, shopping districts, historic museums and community events. In fact, a lot of the original limestone buildings have been re-purposed over the many years to serve as galleries, condos, eateries, and office spaces for residents and guests to relish and enjoy:

  • The Food & Drink. There are too many amazing restaurants to name them all but The Heirloom Café  is one of our favourites.  Enjoy “world class dining in small town Ontario” in the heart of Almonte on Mill Street, The Heirloom Cafe offers a variety of delicious dishes with an ambiance you won’t soon forget! Almonte is also home to one of Ontario’s craft breweries, the Crooked Mile brewery offers quality ales, snacks and are happy to show you around.  And last, but certainly not least Hummingbird Chocolate, which ranks among the world’s chocolate elite.
  • The Shopping: there’s something for everyone in this quaint town – vintage collectibles, art pieces, crafts, clothing and so much more. A fan favourite: The Tin Barn Market is not to be missed if you’re into antiques. Cheerfully Made is  a a handmade hub for local area makers and the people who love them” for those who love Etsy, this shop is not to be missed.
  • The History: with the amount of history that resides in Almonte, there are several museums and historical sites that you can learn from and enjoy. Check out Naismith house, or the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum for a combination of the past and modern textile industry and the history in which it surrounds.
  • The Events: it’s summer time, which can only mean one thing: peak festival season in Almonte! For a list of what you can attend with your family this summer, click here.
  • The Schools: there’s also something for the kids! Check out Almonte’s list of public, catholic, post-secondary, and adult high schools.

Where is Almonte?

Only 20 minutes from Kanata, and 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Almonte is an area that is commutable for those who work in the city.  And if you don’t want to drive into the city for work that’s no problem! There’s a private bus service that will take you to and from Ottawa from Monday to Friday.

The quaint town of Almonte, Ontario is not to be missed.  This mill town is a great place to visit, a strong contender for real estate investment, and a significant piece of our Canadian heritage. And with such neighbouring communities as Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, and Ashton Station (to name a few), you’ll never find a shortage of things to do or adventures to be had!

Interested in the Almonte life? Contact us anytime, we’d love to help you make your next big real estate dream a reality.  

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